Obtaining a patent is one of the most effective ways to protect novel and useful inventions. Patent protection forbids the sale or offering for sale, import, making, preparation or use of the patented invention within the jurisdiction wherein the patent was obtained for the life period of said patent without consent from the patent holder. The patent may be obtained through a highly technical and legal process that requires experience, dedication and specialized knowledge of the patent law, USPTO Office rules and procedures as well as the pertinent nature of the invention sought to be patented.

At Reyes Law Services we have the personnel with the legal, scientific and technical experience and knowledge required to properly guide and assist the inventor in each step of the prosecution process. Our registered patent attorney, Dr. Hector M. Reyes, worked as Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for four and half  years. As an Examiner, Dr. Reyes examined near six hundreds patent Applications at the national level and foiled under the Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT). Said patent applications, filed by inventors of multiple countries around the world, were directed to inventions of diverse nature, such as novel and/or bioactive compounds, process for the preparation of the same; scientific devices, pharmaceutical compositions and their method of use in the treatment of different diseases or medical conditions; and diverse useful products like cosmetics, pesticides, paints, among others, and its manufacture processes, among others. Our patent department assists inventors in the determination of patentability of their inventions, in drafting of their patent application, and in each step of the prosecution process before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We also assist clients in reissue and interference procedures, as well as in the licensing of their patents and in the determination of patent infringements, as well as in their goal to prosecute their applications in countries worldwide with the assistance of patent professionals and colleagues in different jurisdictions.


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