Hector M. Reyes Rivera PhD, JD.

Dr. Hector Reyes earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude, at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After acquiring basic scientific skills through undergraduate research experience, Dr. Reyes continued his education at a graduate level, earning his doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1994. His doctoral dissertation, entitled Reactivation of Aged Organophosphorus Inhibited Acetylcholinesterase, encompasses six years of research work. The dissertation describes the different scientific strategies developed by Dr. Reyes to achieve the preparation of novel compounds potentially useful in the treatment of mammals poisoned with organophosphorus nerve agents (such as Sarin, Soman, Disyston and Parathion, among others). These research findings were meritoriously published in the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry.

Dr. Reyes is also a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico Law School in San Juan, Puerto Rico (2000), and of the Patent Academy of the United State Patent and Trademark Office, in Alexandria, Virginia (2001).

Dr. Reyes has experience in the field of patent prosecution. He worked as Special Patent Counselor at Ferraiuoli Torres Marchand & Rovira, PSC (FTMR), where he represented clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). His duties included the search of pertinent prior art, analyzing and determining the patentability of inventions in view of the patent statute and current judicial determinations. He also drafted, filed and prosecuted patent applications of different patentable subject matter such as devices, processes and hygiene products. Prior to his work in FTMR, Dr. Reyes was a Patent Examiner at the USPTO for four and half years. As Patent Examiner he was responsible for the prosecution of near six hundreds of patent applications drawn to inventions of variable nature such as novel organic compounds useful as bioactive ingredients in different medical conditions and/or diseases, or as catalysts and/or synthetic intermediates, among others; applications drawn to multiple methods of preparation or isolation of organic compounds; variable compositions of multiple utilities like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pesticides, among others; chemical methods of separating useful organic derivatives, such as resolution of enantiomers and products obtained from biotechnology strategies and microorganisms and patent applications directed to scientific devices useful in a variety of practical uses.

Among his duties as an USPTO Examiner, Dr. Reyes conducted thorough searches on the pertinent prior art of each invention and performed patentability determinations through highly technical and scientific analysis in view of the patent statutes. He drafted the corresponding official notifications, wherein his determinations of patentability were fully and clearly explained to the inventors or their representatives, and defended the said determinations in personal interviews with inventors and patent counsels from different countries.

During his tenure at the USPTO, Dr. Reyes completed the yearly intensive patent Law training offered by the Patent Academy of the USPTO, and continued his practical patent law training in multiple seminars and presentations offered by the Patent Office, wherein the Rules and Regulations of the Patent Office as well as the current trends on patent laws were continuously discussed. In 2003, his active and dedicated performance as Patent Examiner was acknowledged by the USPTO awarding him the recognition of Outstanding Patent Examiner.

Prior to holding his Patent Examiner position, Dr. Reyes worked as Special Chemist Assistant at the Central Analytical and Pesticides Laboratory under the Crop Protection Department of the Agricultural Experimental Extension at the University of Puerto Rico. In this position, Dr. Reyes was dedicated to research and development of new solutions to tropical agricultural problems such as the control of plagues and the development of new pesticides from natural and/or environmentally friendly sources. He also provided expert technical advice to different colleagues in the crop protection field.

Prior to his work at the Central Analytical and Pesticides Laboratory, Dr. Reyes worked as Assistant Professor at the Humacao Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, where he contributed to the education and scientific formation of his college students. He taught the organic chemistry and spectroscopy courses and their respective practical laboratory sections.

Right after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Reyes worked as a Special Scientific Technician at the University of Puerto Rico, wherein he performed chemical analysis and determination of different chemical elements in water, soil and vegetable tissue samples.

Dr. Reyes is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He is also admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as an attorney and notary. He is a member of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, the Patent and Trademark Office Society (PTOS) and the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). Currently, he is actively working with local colleagues in the foundation of the Puerto Rico Intellectual Property Practitioners Association.


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